The Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter was able to reunite Bubba with his owner

An old man admitted in a US hospital has recovered after seeing his beloved dog. Before the visit, James Wathen could not speak and eat and the reunion with his dog brought him back to life. An unexpected event happened recently in a US hospital. An old 73 year old man, began to feel better as soon as he reviewed his dog!

Lately, James Wathen health condition was significantly degraded. The man didn’t eat and was so weak that he could not speak. One day, however, he managed to whisper to a nurse that he dearly misses his dog, Bubba, and would like see him. Impressed, the woman and her colleagues took the dog from the shelter where he was sent after his master hospitalization and sneaked him into the hospital.

Emotional reunion of the two friends went viral.

“Nobody could not help but cry,” said Kimberly Probus, head nurse.

The greater surprise, however, was that immediately after he saw the dog, James began to recover: “His condition has completely changed. Now speaking, he also started eating. It’s like they are the same person, “the doctors explained.

Also, the shelter attendant said they had the same problem with Bubba, who refused to eat since the breakup and now is fully recovered !

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