This Dog Helps His Master Cure | Loyalty Story

Andrew was the victim of a terrible car accident. He has rushed to the hospital, and straight to the operating room. The whole family was waiting for news from the doctors, but something heartbreaking happened. In the meantime, the family dog named Otto, arrived at the hospital. Nobody knows how managed to get out of the house, or how did he know were the whole family was. After 9 hours of surgery, Andrew was finally sent to intensive therapy. The news were bad, very bad. The young boy was in a deep coma, and his chances were narrow. Otto the dog didn’t move for 3 day from the front of the room in which Andrew was struggling for his life. A nurse opened the door, and Otto rushed in the room, and straight on his master’s bed and nobody could take him down. The doctors saw signs of improvement in Andrew’s condition and decided to let Otto sit in his bed. It appears that the dog made miracles, and Andrew is now out of the coma. “We have Otto since Andrew’s first birthday, the basically grew up together. The have a very strong bond. Otto loves Andrew and Andrew loves Otto, and apparently love has made miracles”! Said Andrew’s Mother!

dog on hospital bed

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