Watch a son surprise a father with a Pontiac GTO on his 60th birthday

We all have passions or hobbies that we keep throughout our lives. Some people like collecting movies, other are into sports. For the man in the video below, it’s cars.
The man has had a passion for cars his entire life. But like many other people, he didn’t always have enough money to splurge on his passion and get the things he wanted. The man has always put the needs and wants of his family first and often sacrificed the things he wished for in order to make the members of his family happy.
His loved ones wanted to return the favor, at least to some degree. So his family decided that the man deserved a special gift for his 60th birthday, and got him a Pontiac GTO.
The video below captures the emotional moment the family finally reveals the gorgeous surprise. Even through one of the younger grandson couldn’t contain his excitement and yield “we bought you a car,” it was pretty obvious by the man’s reaction that he was totally blown away by the surprise.
He couldn’t wait to take that beauty out for a spin! Check it out and don’t forget to share!

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