Watch This Southwest flight attendant channel his inner Looney Tunes

Many people have developed a fear of flying. There’s just something about being stuck in a metal can thousands of feet above the ground that makes people feel anxious and even panic sometimes. Well, at least the flight attendants in board are there to make you feel calmer and relieve your anxiety, right?
The flight attendant in the video below became internet famous after a video showing him give safety instructions at the end of a flight went viral online.
I know what you’re probably thinking: all instructions are the same; once you’ve heard one, you’ve basically heard them all. Not so fast, though. I can almost guarantee you that haven’t heard anything like this before while aboard a flight.
A few lucky Southwest Airlines passengers landing to Chicago were treated to what can only be described as a true performance, courtesy to one very talented member of the flight crew.
The flight attendant who also works as a puppeteer made his flight announcement while imitating the voice of famous Looney Tunes cartoon characters to put a smile on the passengers’ faces. Luckily, someone recoded the entire performance, so make sure to take a look and listen carefully.

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