From The 1st Note, This Powerful Rendition of “Unchained Melody” May Be Your New Favorite

Music has the power to transform us, and there are some songs that just stay in your heart. And even though you don’t play them for months, or years in a row, they still spark a certain feeling when you happen to hear them on the radio or in public place.
The “Unchained Melody” is definitely one of those songs, and this version is sure to move you as well. The song was released by the Righteous Brothers in 1965, but it’s still famous today. And I bet you know most of the lyrics, right?
Over the years, there have been countless rendition of this song by different artists who all put their unique spin on it. But if you ask me, the best renditions are the ones that don’t alter the classic too much but still manage to breathe new life into it.
And this version right here surely fits the description. Sung with deep passion and emotion, this is without a doubt one of the best versions of the song I’ve heard in a while.
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