Donkey breaks into large smile after being saved from deep flood waters

Whoever said animals can’t communicate to express their gratitude surely hasn’t seen the video below. In it, an adorable donkey rewards his rescuers with a smile after him having nearly died in flood waters.
A group of kind of strangers joined forced with the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue Founder Suzanne Gibbons, and together were able to save the life of the poor animal who was struggling to get out of the flood water.
After a massive storm blew down a gate, the donkey managed to escape, and in the chaos that followed, he was stranded by flood waters. After the donkey’s owner reached out to her, Gibbons took initiative and quickly went on social media to ask people to help her rescue the poor donkey as soon as possible.
In a matter of hours, Suzanne managed to get everything she needed to put her rescue plan into action, including a boat, rope and some strong men to help her pull the donkey out from the raging waters.
The rescue operation wasn’t an easy one, but the donkey’s precious reaction to safely being led out of the flood waters and onto dry land made it all worthwhile.
These images were captured in Kilorglin, Ireland. Take a look and don’t forget to share this impressive rescue operation with others.

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