How to find out what’s making your stomach hurt using this ‘belly map’

We all get stomach pains every once in a while, but it’s typically not something we have to worry about. Eating too much on a single meal can often lead to abdominal pain, but it usually just goes away on its own after a couple of hours.
However, some stomach pains may actually pose some serious risks. So the question is: How do you know when your stomach hurts because you had one cookie too many and when does it indicate something you should be concerned about.
Well, although you may feel pain all over your stomach at first, if you try to concentrate on the actual source of the pain, you’ll see that it’s actually more localized than you initially thought. And that’s the key to finding out the cause of your abdominal pain.
Pain in different parts of your abdomen indicates different problems. For instance, as shown in the image below, if the pain originates from the lower part of your stomach, there’s a pretty high chance you may have a urinary infection.
Of course, this isn’t a substitute for professional medical care, but it may help you feel less anxious if you happen to experience a strange pain in the belly.

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