He was born without arms, doesn’t let that stop him from becoming a world-renowned artist

The only limit that really exists is the one we set for ourselves. There are many incredible men and women out there who have managed to do what others believed to be impossible and push their limits to the maximum through passion and hard work.
One of those people is a 23-year-old artist from Poland named Mariusz Kedzierski. The young man creates incredibly realistic portraits and landscapes that look like real photos – and he does it although he was born without arms.
Although he had many challenges in front of him, Mariusz didn’t let anything stand in the way of his passion for art and drawing. Art has been a major part of his life for almost ten years now, and it’s not only served as a way to express himself but it has also pushed his limits even further.
With every image he draws, he gets a little more outside his comfort zone. So far, the young artist has drawn more than 700 drawings which took him about 15,000 hours to complete.
You can find out more about this inspiring young man by watching the video below. Make sure to share his story with others as well.

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