52-Year-Old Adds Purple Streaks to Her Gray Hair, Minutes Later Stunning Transformation Takes Shape

When used right, make-up has the power to enhance a woman’s features and make her look up to ten years younger. And although make-up has definitely evolved a lot over time, the first attempts of women, and in some cases, men, to transform themselves through make up can go way back.
The Egyptians were famous for using kohl eyeliner to accentuate their eyes, while the Chinese used rice powder to give their skin a flawless, white finish. Nowadays, make-up is used to create a variety of different styles.
From simple, everyday make-up to fake eyelashes and extravagant lip colors, sky’s the limit when it comes to using make-up to transform yourself. And for those who have mastered the art of applying the right products in all the right places, the results can be jaw-dropping.
Just look at the woman in the video below. She is in her early fifties but once she’s done with her make-up and hair routine, she doesn’t look a day older than 30 years old. It never ceases to impress me what make-up can do. And the best part is that it can help women feel more confident and make a change not only on the outside but also in the way they see themselves.

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