89-Year-Old Gets Thrown Out into Streets. Neighbor Slips Something in Hand Before She Leaves

Can you imagine being told you have to leave after having lived in the same house for over 30 years? It’s exactly what happened to the woman in the video below, and now her story is going viral.
Angie Tyma lived in her Hudson, Florida home for 35 years. Most of her precious memories were made right there in that house which meant everything to her. So when the 89-year-old was suddenly told that she was being evicted and had to leave immediately, she was devastated.
With nowhere to go and almost no money in her saving account, he situation was pretty much desperate. Angie ended up living at a Days Inn motel. But she couldn’t afford to live there forever, so she did her best to figure out a more permanent living arrangement.
But nothing came to mind. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one looking for solution. Angie knew nothing about this, but her neighbors actually worked on a plan to give her old home back to her.
Angie is a loved member of the community, so her neighbors knew they had to do something to help her in this difficult moment in her life. Watch the video below to get all the details.

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