After losing his two pups, daughters get dad new gift

Many loving owners out there treat their pets as legitimate members of the family, so the loss of a pet is usually a devastating experience. It’s hard to get past the fact that your beloved pet won’t come running towards you whenever you come home after work or that he will no longer cuddle with you on those lazy Sunday mornings.
But life has to go on. The man in the video below went through the heartbreaking experience of losing not one but two pets. He was feeling depressed and deeply missed his beloved pooch. Knowing how bad the man was feeling recently, his family decided to surprise him in the best way possible.
Although they knew that no one could replace the two dogs he had lost, the man’s daughters brought him a new puppy as a gift. The man’s reaction as he reads the card and gets to hold the puppy in his arms is one of the best things you’ll see all day.
The man is still recovery from his loss, but the excitement of welcoming a new puppy into the family is sure to raise his spirits and help him feel more enthusiastic about the future

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