Amazing friendship between a Goat And a Donkey

Animals can create amazing friendship between each other. This new viral video, shows us how animals can build strong bonds with one other, enough to even become severely depressed if separated from their friends.Mr. G, a goat from a shelter in California, it is certainly the first animal that hunger strikes. It’s depressed  because it was separated from her “boyfriend” a donkey.

Jellybean the donkey and Mr. G the goat, were rescued together with a group of animals from a woman who couldn’t care for them. But the rescuers inadvertently separated the two animals and Mr. G became severely depressed, so much so that he stopped eating. Finally, the animal workers realized why Mr. G was so sad, and reunited him with his best friend Jellybean.

When Jelleybean returned to the shelter, the goat gave up the protest and went out in the yard “jumping for joy” say caregivers.

The goat and the donkey now live in the same animal shelter, and Mr. G gave up the protest and eats normally.

“Mr.G is the best example that animals feel the same things as humans” added caregivers.

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