Boys line up in formation, surprise people at airport with an epic flash mob performance

Most people would agree there’s nothing that exciting about being in an airport. But a few lucky people at an airport in Dublin got were treated with a surprise flashmob from the cast of ‘Take The Floor’ and the music of Beoga. And the images are going viral.
An international cast of over sixty of the best Irish dancers in the world took part in this amazing surprise. The dancers represent eleven different countries in the world, and have managed to amaze bystanders with their incredible moves and unbelievable performance.
The surprise was meant to promote an upcoming new show unlike any other and give people a sample of what they can expect to see on stage if they make plans to see them live. Entitled ‘Take The Floor’, the show was created in association with Riverdance and featured live music by Beoga.
Wouldn’t be nice if these kinds of things happened at airports more often? It would definitely make the waiting in line part a lot more bearable, don’t you think? These dancers are truly something else, so make sure to share the images with all of your friends and family online.

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