Common Foods and Medications You Should Never, Ever Mix

Many of us know what kind of medication to take in case of common illnesses, like a cold, for instance. And most of us don’t even feel like we need to ask our doctors before we do it. It’s the same for people who might have a chronic illness and have a prescription they have to take on a constant basis.
But although the medication might stay the same, the food you eat while you’re following a certain treatment does not. The problem is some foods and medications don’t mix well together. Some foods might even make the medication be not as effective or have an unexpected effect on your body when combined with particular medication.
For instance, if you are taking blood pressure medication, make sure to stay away from bananas. Both contain potassium and too much of it can have unwanted effects on your body. Another combination you should avoid is grapefruit and cholesterol meds. Also, avoid licorice if you take heart failure drugs, as it can cause an irregular heartbeat. You should also exclude cranberry juice from your diet if you are on anticoagulants, as it can lead to thickening of the blood.
Watch the video below for more info:

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