Dad asks his 1-year-old some important questions. She responds in hysterical fashion

Until they reach a certain age, most babies all sound the same. And although all that “goo-goo, gaga” sounds are super adorable, they don’t help us adults understand much of what they are trying to communicate.
Parents have to guess what their babies are trying to say. Well, the dad in the video below took inspiration from this, and the result is downright hilarious. Entitled “Interview with a toddler,” the 30-video shows an adorable baby girl trying to answer her dad’s tricky questions.
Of course, the toddler is still too young to be able to properly enunciate the words, so her dad took on the job to provide the subtitles. After all, parents are the ones most likely to figure out what a baby is trying to say the fastest, right?
And this cute little girl sure seems to have a lot to say. She has a clever reply to anything her dad says, so if you need a good laugh just about now, this is the video you should watch!
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