Young man nails the chorus to “Dance with My Father.” Even Simon can’t help but raise his hands

When Joseph McElderry from South Shields in the United Kingdom stepped on stage at X Factor UK, he was visibly nervous. His hands were shaking, and we can’t blame him. After all, he was getting ready to perform in front of one of the most fastidious judges ever, Simon Cowell.
What’s more, his performance was going to be broadcasted on national television and seen by millions and millions of people. Not the mention the people who could watch it online. Needless to say, that kind of pressure can really take a toll on someone.
However, Joseph, despite not having extensive experience as a singer, did great! His rendition of “Dance with My Father” managed to impress the entire audience, and more importantly, Simon Cowell.
In fact, Simon was actually totally blown away by his voice and talent, if we were to judge by his reaction. Joseph managed to earn a place in the competition, much to the excitement of his entire family who was cheering for him backstage.
If you need to catch a break right now and listen to a great voice singing an equally great song, you know what to do: hit play!

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