Dad Asks Baby If He Slept Well, Baby’s Hilarious “Answer” Has Internet Falling in Love

Some say that the way you start the day affects the rest of it. After all, the beginning of a day sets the pace for what will happen next.
If you wake up with a great attitude and feeling motivated to have a productive day, then chances are it is going to be this way. If you wake up in a bad mood, feeling not like your best version of yourself, then it’s highly likely that you’ll be spreading a negative vibe throughout the day.
Well, the adorable baby in the video below named Oliver wakes up with every emotion you can possibly think of. How can we know for sure? In this video below posted by the boy’s father, you can see the baby’s face expressions changing from joy to surprise and indignation, all in under a minute.
The baby’s adorable facial expressions have soon gone viral online, with more than eight million people watching the clip on YouTube alone.
If you’ve never watched a baby wake up before, this is going to be a particularly special experience for you. So take a look and don’t forget to share this with all of your friends and family online. Because who doesn’t like baby videos, right?

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