Dad cries when sailor son sends a birthday video. Then the real surprise walks in the room

Milestone birthdays from turning 21 to the big 5-0, and beyond hit some people hard. They can be days filled with emotion. Some use these opportunities to reflect about how their lives are progressing, others just ignore the occasion altogether.
Well, birthdays, especially the big ones, are definitely worth celebrating, not lamenting about how you’re getting older. And the best way to celebrate such an important occasion is to be with the ones you love.
That’s what the man in the video below had in mind when it came to celebrating his 50th birthday, but unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. You see, his son who is a soldier was supposed to be thousands of miles away, on a mission.
The young man could only be with his dad on this important day via video – or this is what dad initially thought. As revealed later in the video, the son managed to make it home for his dad’s birthday and surprise him.
The dad’s reaction as he sees his son walking through the door is the best thing you’ll see today. Nothing can ever replace the presence of those you love during special moments in your life!
Take a look:

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