Elephant kept in chains for 35 years finally gets the chance of a new life

An exhausted elephant finally got the chance to taste freedom, after he spent 35 years in chains. The elephant named Kaavan lived at the Maraghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan and according to animal rights activists he was kept in chains and badly mistreated all those years. As this wasn’t bad enough already, his only companion dies 8 years ago and since then the poor elephant was all alone

Now, after hard efforts of animal rights groups, activist and even celebrities ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ finally gets the chance of a new lovely home. Kaavan will be transferred to an animal sanctuary in Cambodia, where he will be able to finally live in peace.

Image credits Friends of Islamabad Zoo

After heartbreaking photos of Kaavan emerged online, a campaign to set him free started online. The petition shortly gained over 400,000 signatures. Even the famous singer Cher got involved. As a result, a court in Pakistan announced earlier this year that Kaavan would be relocated.

The announcement has been made by the Pakistani Chief Justice Athar Minallah. “Neither are there adequate facilities nor resources to provide living conditions that would meet the behavioural, social and physiological needs of the animals,” he said in a statement.” [The authorities will] free this elephant with a kind heart, and will ensure that he lives a happy life.”

The great news quickly went around the world with numerous animal rights activists showing their excitement. “[We] are delighted by the news from Pakistan regarding the relocation and retirement of Kaavan,” Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne the co-founder of Free the Wild said.

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