Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Now Spends His Days Cuddling Kittens

Pit Bulls have a reputation for being vicious, violent dogs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If they are brought up in a loving environment, Pit Bulls are just as loving and sweet as any other dog. How a dog is brought up is more important that what breed it belongs to
If Cherry Garcia, the dog in the video below, would have been a vicious dog, he would not have been able to recover from what he’s been through when he was in the care of his previous owner.
The owner was a multi-million dollar athlete who put in a lot of money into a dog fighting operation without caring that the last thing Cherry wanted to do was fight with other dogs. The dog had been forced to fight many times by his owner, but when he was finally brought to justice, Cherry got a new chance at a happy life.
Now, he is living the life all dogs deserve to live. The dog has overcome so many obstacles and still managed to keep his loving spirit. That’s why the guys at BarkBox decided to offer him his best day ever! Take a look:

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