The Final Prayer Was Said, Then Minister Makes Move That Leaves Everyone In Uproar

Although we would never admit it in front of the bride or the groom, the truth is that many wedding ceremonies can get a tad boring, especially the ones that seem to go on forever.
Sure, the vows, the lengthy speech from the minister and all the ceremonious traditions mean the world to those getting married, but as far as everyone else is concerned, they’re just an excuse to look at your phone the whole time.
As impolite as that is, it’s what happens at most wedding ceremonies when the guests start to melt into their chairs with boredom. Well, the creative bride and groom in the video below decided they would do their best to prevent that from happening at their religious ceremony.
So they put together an awesome surprise for all of their guests; a surprise that no one will be able to forget any time soon. Believe it or not, the two incorporated a high-energy flash mob at the end of their ceremony, and no one was looking down at their watches waiting for the ceremony to come to an end; that’s for sure.
Have you ever seen anything like this happen at a wedding ceremony before?

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