Fishermen Notice Strange Object in Ocean, Then Realize It’s a Dying Whale Needing to Be Saved

It’s hardly a secret by now that we are not doing a very good job taking care of the planet that we all consider are righteous home. Pollution is everywhere and is affecting every single living creature. Animals who have done nothing wrong suffer because we are selfish and take this Planet for granted.
The effects of pollution are visible. But one fisherman got to see from up-close just how damage we are doing to the environment. The man was fishing in California when he came across what seemed to be a strange objects floating on the surface of the water.
But when he took a closer look, he realized it was actually a struggling whale who had become tangled in crab traps. These kinds of traps are often used by fishermen, and whales are often the ones who suffer.
It became obvious to the fisherman that the whale was in serious danger, so he decided to try and help the poor animal out. The whale’s blowhole was completely obstructed. The whale was choking to death.
The fisherman’s attempts to save her were caught on video. Find out how it all ended by watching the video below:

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