Grandpa Hears His Phone Ring, But Can’t Locate It. Where Family Finds It Sends Internet Into Laughter

Everyone remembers that old joke of the lady who spent half a day looking for her glasses only to realize she had been wearing them the whole time. While, if that joke has always seemed a bit too far-fetched to you, then you have to watch what’s going on in the video below.
It all started after grandpa couldn’t find his cellphone anywhere. As we all do, he asked someone in his family to call him up on his number and figure out where he had misplaced his phone that way.
And this is when the hilarious part kicks in. The phone started ringing, and it sounded as if it was coming from grandpa’s pockets somewhere. But no matter how long grandpa checked his pockets, the phone was nowhere to be found.
To make things even weirder, no one could hear the phone ring if they weren’t near grandpa, which clearly indicated the sound was coming from the man. “I feel like I’m going nuts,” said the man when the phone kept ringing but his pockets were empty. However, the explanation was pretty simple.
As it turned out, grandpa did have the phone, but you’re never going to guess where it was. You need to see this!

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