Handsome Groom Starts Dancing Alone, Crowd Erupts When Brides Comes Out In Different Dress

The bride and groom’s first dance together as a married couple is one of the most anticipated moments at any wedding. All guests look forwards to seeing if the two have a choreography planned and what is the song they choose for their first dance together.
Most couple stick to the traditional way of doing things, meaning they pick a romantic love song and obviously do a slow dance. However, the couple in the video below wanted to surprise their guests and try something different for their first dance.
According to the clip brief description on YouTube, after their formal first dance, the groom and bride changed into different outfits and came out to surprise their guests with a dynamic reception wedding dance.
Set to Blake Shelton’s Footloose, the dance was totally unexpected!
The groom was the first to take the stage and bust some moves. Wearing cowgirl boots and a short dress, the bride soon joined her hubby on stage to deliver a memorable performance that no one will be able to forget any time soon.
Also, the chemistry between these two lovers was more than obvious on stage, which only made their dance that much better. Take a look:

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