Heroine mother dog went through a fire several times to save her puppies

A video that recently took the internet by storm showcases the heart-wrenching moments of a mother dog saving her ten-day-old puppies from a house fire… When the flames began to consume the house, the mother dog bravely risked her own life multiple times to ensure the safety of her puppies.
Amanda, a maternal German Shepherd, disregarded the fury of the flames and relentlessly shuttled between the burning house and the fire truck, rescuing each of her puppies, one at a time!!!

The fire broke out in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, following an explosion that rapidly engulfed the building.
Upon rescuing all her puppies, Amanda nestled with them, comforting and showering them with love, making them feel secure!

Both Amanda and her puppies were rushed to the hospital. However, one puppy named Amparo, unfortunately, succumbed to severe burn injuries.
According to veterinarian Felipe Lara, Amanda valiantly shielded her puppies from the vets when they attempted to separate them for medical attention.

Eventually, Amanda conceded to the veterinarians and allowed them to treat her ailing puppies, but she steadfastly refused to let the critically injured Amparo out of her sight.
Amanda’s actions perfectly encapsulate a mother’s boundless love for her offspring and her readiness to put her life at risk when her children are in peril.
Her unwavering commitment and dedication to her puppies are truly praiseworthy.

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