Homeowner Sets Christmas Lights to Classic Hit Song, Leaving The Internet in Awe

Most people like to decorate their homes for the holiday season with all kinds of ornaments and twinkling lights, but what’s going on in the video below takes things to a whole new level.
This family’s Christmas display is extremely elaborate and creative. And if you’re a big fan of the movie Frozen, then you are definitely going to appreciate it even more. That’s because all the lights are set to the iconic music from the Disney movie that is popular throughout the world.
Using synchronized LED lights, the entire house seems to be “dancing” to the rhythm of the song, and it’s definitely something you need to see to believe. It must have taken this family hours and hours to install all the lights, but the result is definitely worth it.
Seeing the final result in action, it’s no surprise that this family’s home has become a neighborhood attraction with people gathering to watch the beautiful Christmas show unfold every night. The incredible way in which the colored lights reflect onto the sparkling white snow is bound to catch your eye too.
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