Man Sits Alone in an Empty Church, Lifts His Head and Puts Everyone in Awe

There’s nothing like listening to a group of singers perform a beautiful Christmas song in the sacred space of a church. And believe it or not, Peter Hollens managed to recreate the magical sound of a choir exclusively on his own.
Thanks to some clever editing and a whole lot of talent, Peter managed to record a version of him singing “What Child Is This” all by himself in an empty church, and you will definitely be blown away by how beautiful he sounds.
His incredible voice combined with the meaningful setting where the clip was shot at will immediately make you think of being humble and appreciative of the true essence of the holidays. Although it’s a simple setting, it’s one that is very special and appropriate to the message conveyed by the precious song that has become a Christmas staple.
Also, the song’s theme is one that highlights the wonder and miracle of Christ the King; making this the perfect song to listen to during this time of the year.
This version of the song is totally unexpected but also magical, so don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family online.

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