Paralyzed Bride ‘Walks’ Through the Door, Stunned Guests Break Down in Tears

Not every girl dreams about being a bride one day, but that doesn’t mean that a person’s wedding day is not one of the most important days of their lives. It’s an event all brides should look back at and remember as one of the happiest days ever.
But for the bride in the video below, her wedding day came with a lot of challenges. That’s because she was paralyzed, so the mere thought of having to walk down the aisle was enough to make her anxious about her big day.
But even so, this determined bride knew she would do everything in her power to fulfil her dream of walking down the aisle. After secretly undergoing weeks of excruciating physical therapy that challenged every single one of her limits, this incredible young woman managed to surprise everyone at her wedding by walking to get married.
Her husband to be who knew just how much she struggled to make this a reality and who had encouraged her throughout this time was the one who was the proudest. Watch the incredible moment the bride walks down the aisle in front of all friends and family and get more details about her journey towards recovery by watching the video below:

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