Nurse watches over dying patient. Then camera captures her beautifully singing a final hymn

Nobody likes to think about it too much, but the reality is that life in the body we were given must come to an end, hopefully later rather than sooner. And when that moment comes, it helps to be surrounded by people who love you.
Generally speaking, those people are close friends and family, but sometimes, it’s people we barely know but whom have touched our hearts in one way or another. In the case of the elderly woman in the video below, it was her nurse who watched over her during her final hours and who comforted her how she knew best: through music.
The nurse had been taking care of the woman for a while, and had come to see her as a friend. So when she found out that she wasn’t doing too well, she rushed to see her, even though it was her day off from work.
As soon as she laid eyes on her, the nurse knew that would be the final time she would see her. So there, surrounded by the woman’s family and friends, she too said her last goodbyes and sang to her one last time. This is powerful!

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