Scientifically Proven: Moms Who ‘Nag’ Raise More Successful Daughters

If you’ve been raised by a mom who was constantly scolded you growing up and gave you a hard time whether it was about school or boys, or your hairdo, you’ll want to read this post. Also, if you have a daughter who is constantly telling you to stop being a nag and be more like “the other girls’ moms,” then you should keep on reading as well.
As it turns out, science has revealed a fascinating fact about daughters who are raised by moms typically described as being nagging. As it turns out, these girls have a higher chance of turning into successful women, thanks to the way they were brought up.
That’s because these girls and young women are more likely to be challenged by their moms to step outside their comfort zone and overcome their limits compared with girls who are given more freedom.
Ericka Rascon-Ramirez, the lead researcher on the study, explained them even the decisions that we see as most personal have most likely been influenced to a certain degree by our parents, if they had a strong presence in our lives growing up.
So, although nagging might be annoying, it’s in fact beneficial in the long run. In other words, the say “Mothers know best” it’s actually true.








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