Sick of Waiting for Band, 65,000 Fans Start Singing “Queen” Classic in Chilling Unison

People have all kinds of options nowadays when it comes to spending their free time. However, going to a concert is still one of the best ways to unwind and forget about your daily worries and concerns, at least for a couple of hours.
The obvious reason you go to a concert is for the opportunity to see your favorite bands and artists perform their best songs live. But there’s more to the experience than just that. Many people who go to these types of musical events go for the atmosphere and the chance to be around other like-minded people who love the same kind of music.
There’s nothing like being at a concert with thousands of other people and singing your favorite songs in unison with all of them.
A little over 65,000 people gathered in London’s Hyde Park to watch Green Day perform live, and proved that the “show” doesn’t necessarily start when the band steps on stage. To get more in the concert mood, Green Day fans decided to sing a Queen classic in unison, and the entire moment was caught on video.
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