The Entourage 2015 Official Trailer Is Here!

Good news for fans of the series aired on HBO comedy Entourage! After over two years to discuss a film based on the series creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg managed to find a studio to finance this project. The folks at Warner Bros. have just given the green light for Entourage-movie.
Entourage aired on HBO from 2004 to 2011 and followed the ups and downs of his career film star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier). In his entourage his friends find him in New York and his half-brother, whose aspirations for acting are eclipsed by Vince’s success. The series attempts to portray the overwhelming experiences in this industry, excesses, the lifestyle of celebrities and also the difficulties encountered in search of love or success. The movie trailer for Entourage 2015 film is here!

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