There’s always a bigger fish. Giant Fish Eats Hooked Shark!

There’s always a bigger fish. Giant Fish Eats Hooked Shark!  This amazing video has instantly gone viral, amassing over 12 million views in just a few days!
The biggest Grouper Goliath fish, 683-pound grouper was recently caught by fishermen off the coast of the Spratly Islands in China. After bringing their catch back to shore, they sold it to a hotel, which will presumably use the fish for food. While the fish is enormous, it’s a Pacific goliath grouper, which can reach upwards of 1,000 pounds. Still, it’s not every day that you see a fish this big.
While fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs in Florida, a man caught a four foot black tip shark. After that, the unimaginable just happened. A giant fish apperead from nowhere and ate the shark of the hook in on bite !
A Goliath Grouper sea bass nabbed shark in one bite! Watch this video :

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