This dolphin comes to shore daily, to take his canine friend for a swim

Although the man is dog’s best friend, this is not completely true for Ben, a brave Labrador, which established a special relationship of friendship with a dolphin. They are swimming alongside each morning in the harbor . Despite the fact that one of them lives on land and one in the ocean, the two get along great. Seems a little unusual, isnt it?
Nature amazes us with some friendships each more original. On a trip to Tory Island, north-west of Ireland, a team from the BBC had the opportunity to shoot a dog and a dolphin who are meeting each morning in the port
As it sees the labrador jumping in the water and swimming out to sea, the dolphin makes its appearance, and together they enjoy a fun treat. They like so much to frolic in the water, that sometimes they even spend good hours playing.

Their performance will become an attraction for tourists who come to admire and capture this beautiful friendship. Adam Henson, presenter of “Countryfile” remained speechless when he saw Ben swimming with his friend, the dolphin.
“This is absolutely amazing, a dog and a dolphin swimming together …. I’ve never seen anything like it. ” confesses Henson.

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