This Groom Made A Sensational Gesture! The Paralyzed Young Man Surprised His Wife And Everybody Started Crying!

Their story made headlines around the world. Joey Johnson, former military man, suffered a car accident in 2012, after which he remained immobilized in a wheelchair. The young has served homeland in Afghanistan for 10 months, but after the accident he was discharged.
In the summer of 2014, Joey and his chosen, Michelle Johnson, decided to unite their destinies. To show his wife how much she cherishes her, the man decided to prepare a special moment. The perfect moment for the surprise was when the two lovers would have to step in the ring to open the festive evening with the first dance.

Considering Joey’s disability, the guests have not thought any second that such a thing was possible, but the man has prepared a huge surprise to everyone, including his wife.

weddingJoey came on the dance floor supported by harnesses, the entire mechanism allowing him to dance with Michelle on the rhythm of the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

“Joey doesn’t know how to keep a secret, but he managed to turn my dream into reality. I never imagined that our wedding day will be so special,” said Michelle for ABC News.

“Everyone in the room was crying. It was amazing I can look again in his eyes”, added the fresh wife.


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