This HUGE Doberman is one of the most well-trained dogs in the WORLD!

This Doberman is one of the best trained dogs I’ve ever seen. Watching him perform several moves, including a very sweet one at the end. I would like my dog ​​to be as talented.
Any animal lover who has been around a dog knows that training is the route to a perfect relationship between the master and him. A dog can be trained so as to have a civilized behavior and respond aware of the rules and orders. Dobermans are energetic dogs, and need masters resistant personality that educate them with love and determination to get the best performance from them.
This dog had a consistent training to reach the stage at which to execute any command it receives from the master. If it were otherwise, the doberman would be terribly stubborn.
We should not forget that any success must be rewarded, even if the reward is simply encouraging, comforting look and some appreciative words. Looking at these images, we appreciate the perseverance of this man who managed to discipline the dog with great craftsmanship.
Although this breed was originally developed in order to patrol and protect, the Doberman is considered one of the most intelligent and easy to train dogs. And this one is one of the most obedient dogs I’ve ever seen. The pictures speak for themselves.

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