Tiny Girl with Autism Changes Words to ‘Hallelujah’ – And Puts Entire Audience in Tears

Today, talent is a quality that is often associated with experience, but the talented singers in the video below proves that you don’t have to have years of experience performing on stage to have an incredible voice and be able to connect to your audience.
In fact, this incredible girl is breaking all kinds of myths, and shows that the only limit that truly exists is the one that you set for yourself.
Kaylee Rogers is a member of the Killard House School in England and an important part of the school’s special choir. You see, Kaylee has autism and ADHD, but doesn’t let that stand in front of achieving her dreams. The girl memorized all the words of the song made famous by Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah,” but gave the song a personal touch. The way she managed to convey the message of the song through her voice will surely make you tear up.
This is just one more incredible example of the fact that a disability doesn’t define a person. If anything, it usually makes us stronger and more empathetic.
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