Tiny girl determined to ride horse

There are many benefits kids experience if they are given the opportunity to have pets growing up. Having a pet not only encourages a more active lifestyle but it’s also a great source of comfort and compassion. What’s more, kids learn to be more patient and more responsible, while also having a constant companion on their side.
The benefits are many, but when it comes to the kind of pet a toddler should have, chances are that a huge horse is not on top of the list. However, in the case of the little girl in the video below, a beautiful horse turned out to be just perfect.
What’s most impressive is the fact that she doesn’t even need help getting on top of the horse so that she can ride. The smart girl came up with an ingenious solution to this challenge and she now uses the family’s backyard trampoline to get up and down the horse.
Luckily, mom managed to capture the girl’s awesome technique on video, so make sure you check it out right away. Judging by these images, I think it’s safe to say these two will have many years of riding together in the future

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