They Told Their Corgi To Go Outside. His Response? You’ll Be in Stitches!

Roses are red, violets are blue, and dogs love to go on walks. That’s something we thought we knew for sure. After all, few people have actually seen a dog pass on a walk. Most canines would do whatever it takes just to get their owners to take them out more often.
However, the adorable Corgi in the video below proves that not all dogs are the same. The adorable pup would take a nap over a walk any day of the week. He is so lazy that when his owners shows him the leash to let him know it’s time to go outside and exercise, the dog makes it pretty clear that he has no intention of leaving the floor whatsoever.
What’s more, the dog has an adorable strategy to avoid going out. The pup anchors himself to the floor with a look on his face that says “Nope, I’m not letting you put that thing around my neck to go out.”
You won’t get many chances to see a dog pass on a walk, so make sure to enjoy every second of this hilarious video! And maybe share it if you think your friends would like to see this as well!

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