Viral video shows beluga whale playing fetch in the Artic Ocean

Believe it or not, a beluga whale was captured on camera playing fetch with a rugby ball in the middle of the Artic Ocean. The incredible footage immediately went viral on social media with people wondering if the mammal is indeed a “wild” whale or not.

The unbelievable scene was filmed near the Artic Pole and it shows a South African group of rugby fans playing with the majestic creature. In the short video, a man holding the official 2019 Rugby World Cup ball leans on the side of the boat and throws it away. Shortly after, the beluga follows it and brings it back to the man that tossed it.

Even it is unclear who initially shared the video, it has been massively reposted on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others. However, the viral video raises serious questions and because of its inauthenticity, but because of the origins of the beluga whale.

Many scientists said they’re absolutely sure it is the same beluga filmed last year in the waters of Norway. The mammal named Hvaldimir kept the headlines last year, after various videos showing its friendly behavior emerged online. In one video, the famous Hvaldimir was filmed returning a phone to a woman, after she accidentally dropped into the sea.

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