Orphaned kitten with unusual coat is adopted by stray mother cat

When it comes to caring and love, humans still have a lot to learn from animals. An abandoned tiny kitten was immediately adopted by a loving mother cat, proving once again we don’t deserve animals!

Mellisa, who runs Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, is always willing to help abandoned cats. So when someone called her about a tiny kitten found on the streets, the kind woman didn’t hesitate to take her in. Even she weight less than 3 ounces, Janie how Mellisa named the tiny kitten was very vocal. And beside that her unique silver coat was something out of this world.


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However, it still was a big challenge for Mellisa to keep Janie alive. But she has done it before with many other orphaned kittens, so she knew she’d do it again. So she started to feed the helpless little creature around the clock and to keep her in an incubator, in order to keep her body temperature.

But one day Mellisa was surprised by a mother cat she was keeping separately. Mama June was pregnant when the woman adopted her. And soon after she gave birth, she became overprotective with her little ones. And apparently with others, too!

“She wanted that baby so bad and kept crying at the incubator,” Mellisa told Love Meow. However, Mellisa wasn’t sure if little Janie would adapt, so she decided to hand fed her a few days more. Finally, when the cute kitten was two-weeks-old, she got the chance to meet her (new) adoptive mom. Surprisingly, it was a heartwarming meeting!

Image credits Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

“June immediately accepted Janie as her own as soon as I was able to safely introduce them,” Mellissa told Love Meow. “June had to lick and clean her for a good 10 minutes, and then she cuddled up with everyone while June’s babies were nursing. It was such a sweet moment to witness.”

Mama June takes care of Janie, just as she does with her own litter of kittens. And even they’re much older and bigger, they all love and cuddle their unusual looking sister. An example of kindness, love and devotion for all human beings!

(Featured image credits Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue)

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