8 Couples Form a Diagonal Line On the Floor. The Crowd Went Wild with Their Following Move

Dance is definitely one of the most impressive and most beautiful ways humans can express themselves through movement, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. In it, eight couples of extremely talented dancers give it their best on the dancefloor, and the result is one that you will most definitely want to share with others.
Their choreography is one that is likely to surprise you, as it falls outside the norms of usual competing dance routines. How come? Well, let’s start with their choice of music. Their choreography started with Vanilla Ice’s hit hip-hop tune “Ice Ice Baby” and also included songs from popular artists such as Beyoncé and Amy Winehouse.
Another way in which this performance manages to stand out from the rest has to do with how the dancers managed to cover the entire dancefloor with their movement. From every angle you watch them, they execution of moves is flawless. Also, their energy level is off the chart.
Not to mention the fact that they’ve somehow managed to synchronize their moves perfectly. All things considered, this is one of those performances that are truly memorable. You need to see this!

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