Navy Confused by Large Mass in Water. The Minute They Recognize It They All Jump Overboard

Although some would say that life at sea can be pretty predictable with not a whole lot going on, the clip below clearly proves the contrary. In it, a Sri Lanka naval team got the surprise of a lifetime, and it’s something that is likely to make your heart race as well.
It all happened during what seemed just another ordinary routine patrol of the sea. The members of the crew were sticking to protocol just as usual when they saw something in the distance. A strange looking object was bobbing in the water, but the crew just couldn’t figure out what the object was.
That is until they got close enough to the strange mass and realized what it actually was: a struggling and fatigued elephant who was desperately holding in to its life. As soon as they saw the poor animal on the edge of death, the crew deployed a rescue mission to save the elephant and take him somewhere safe.
There is no knowing how the elephant ended up at sea, but thanks to the naval team who worked together, the rescue mission was a success. You can watch it unfold in the video below.

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