Muslim Restaurant Posts Sign On Christmas Day. Their Message Goes Viral

If you ask me, the Christmas spirit is something we should hold on to all year long, as it embodies kindness, love and being generous to others, even if it’s people who don’t even know. To celebrate the wonderful spirit of the holiday season, a Muslim-owned restaurant located t in London decided to offer a free three-course meal to the homeless and elderly on Christmas Day.
The idea came to the owners after a conversation they had with one of their neighbors, an elderly woman who mentioned the fact that she has no one to celebrate Christmas with this year and that she will most likely be all alone on a night when everyone should be surrounded by friends and family.
The restaurant managers decided right then and there that they will do something to help others who might be in the same situation as their elderly neighbor, or worse. So they wrote down a note and put it in the restaurant’s window announcing that they will offer a warm meal on Christmas Day.
Someone then took a photo of the handwritten note advertising the event and shared it on social media. Since, the photo was shared more than 2,000 times on Facebook alone.

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