This Abandoned Mutant Parakeet Amazes Everyone Who Meets Him

There are some weird-looking birds out there, and this one is definitely one of them. Now, birds and other animals in general couldn’t care less about the way they look, but if this parakeet could be able to recognize itself in the mirror, he would sure notice he’s different.
Now don’t get me wrong; more often than not, different is better. But for this bird, the fact that he is different hasn’t always worked out in his favor. You see, humans tend to judge others a lot based on appearances. If something doesn’t fit a certain standard or norm we are familiar with, we simply dismiss it.
This parakeet was unfortunately abandoned because it looked different. Although he was perfectly healthy, the bird has a genetic mutation that makes his feathers look thin and wispy. Unfortunately, his unique appearance has also made it difficult for him to find a new home. Luckily, Julie Hayward of Winton, New Zealand, was able to see past his look and offered him a new chance at living a happy, loving life.
Yes, it looks weird, but in a way, that’s what gives it more character and personality, right? Well, this is surely not like any bird you’ve ever seen, so press play and enjoy!

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