Adorable little boy stands next to a stage. But as the women do their dance, he does THIS!

Talent has nothing to do with age. Sure, experience allows you to develop certain skills and enhance your talent. But if you’re talented, it shows whether you are five years old or fifty years old.
Some people are just born to be on stage and perform. The toddler in the video below is definitely one of them. The kid is barely out of his diapers, but he managed to steal the show during what seems to be some sort of celebratory occasion in China.
While a few professional dancers were performing on a stage nearby, the toddler started to mimic their moves and do a little dance routine himself. And he’s actually really good at it! The boy doesn’t need a lot of time to pick up on the dancers’ moves and does a great job recreating the moves. He is able to do that despite the fact that he’s barely old enough to stand up on his own.
There’s no way of telling what career will this kid end up pursing, but I think it’s safe to say he has a real shot at becoming a famous dancer one day. The way he moves will totally blow you away! Take a look and don’t forget to share.

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