They Give The Bird A Gift For His Birthday And He Has The GREATEST Reaction

For the most part, celebrating your birthdays is a lot of fun. You have friends and family over, there are some snacks, you get some presents, and of course, a birthday cake with candles on top. Birthdays are a lot of fun, so more and more pet owners are making a habit out of celebrating their pets’ birthdays just like they would celebrate their own.
Some owners make a really big deal out of it, and go to extreme lengths to plan an elaborate party for their animal friends. But the truth is that pets love the attention no matter how big or small their birthday cake is.
The clip below shows Marnie the parakeet celebrating his 5th birthday alongside his human and animal friends. Just like at any typical birthday party, there’s cake, presents and plenty of good vibes.
Marnie really seemed to enjoy all of the presents he’s got, but his favorite was the birthday waffles. Even so, he was willing to share them with his many other friends who attended his party, including a dog that honestly seemed a little out of place.
This sure looks like a fun party!

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