Man Sets Up Camera On Ice, Moments Later Captures Unimaginable Footage

Nature puts on the best shows in the world, don’t you think? It’s not always comfortable to watch them, but it is always magnificent. Nature can be scary, but it’s always beautiful. And the breathtaking footage shown in the video below is one of more proof that this is true.
The footage was recorded by the filmmakers of “Chasing Ice,” a National Geographic documentary that follows photographer James Balog across the Arctic as he deploys time-lapse cameras which are especially designed to capture a multi-year record of the Planet’s ever-changing glaciers.
The documentary was nominated for an Oscar, and it’s easy to see why. The filmmakers managed to record incredible footage that show just how climate change has affected our world.
The videos included in the documentary are hauntingly beautiful and prove that our Planet is changing, and unfortunately, it’s not for the best. In this particular clip, we can actually see a massive glacier caving!
According to the producers of the movie, this is the largest glacier calving to be captured on video-ever. The sound it makes is absolutely chilling, but can you imagine witnessing this moment in real life?
Everybody needs to see this!!!

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