Flight attendant gives her safety speech, has passengers dying of laughter with her one-liners

Airplane safety speeches… If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all, right? Well, there’s no denying that most flight attendants typically stick to the script and that’s pretty much it! However, there are some attendants that like to go well above their job descriptions to help passengers feel as comfortable as possible while onboard a flight.
The spunky Southwest stewardess in the clip below is definitely one of them. The woman decided to inject some humor into her regular in-flight safety speeches, and the Internet is going nuts over her impromptu performance.
If you ask me, this is an effective way to actually get more people to listen to that repetitive safety instructions which why not admit it can get pretty boring after a while. More passengers would actually pay attention to what the flight attendants have to say if they would think there’s a chance to also get a good laugh out of it.
What do you think? Should more airlines consider sprucing up their safety instruction routine and make it more entertaining? Watching the video below should help you form a decision and also put a big smile on your face, so go ahead and take a look:

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