TV show honors Jackie Chan, but it’s the people standing behind him that bring him to tears

Even if you are not a big fan of martial arts, chances are you’ve seen at least one movie starring Jackie Chan. The famous actor and martial artist played in over 200 movies during his career that spans across 56 years which makes him one of the most long-lasting personalities in Hollywood.
An industry veteran, Chan has received countless awards, including an honorary Oscar for being in the film industry for more than 56 years.
Despite his success, the actor has always kept his modesty. He’s said on numerous occasions that he doesn’t take anything for granted and that he feels privileged for being able to do what he loves for so many years now.
Fame and money aside, there’s one thing Jackie values most than anything else in the word, and that is family. And to him, family includes more than just blood-relatives. He considers his best friends to be a part of his family as well.
Getting to meet and see old friends with whom he hasn’t talked in years instantly triggers him to have an extremely emotional response, as you will be able to see by watching the video below. You’ve never seen Jackie Chan like this before!

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